Deccan Chronicle Interview

(Source: One of the most acclaimed actors in Hollywood and an Academy Award winner, Matthew McConaughey talks about his fears, his character in the movie Sing and reactions of his children towards the movie. One of the actors acknowledged to be the ‘handsomest in Hollywood’ plays a Koala showman in the Indian relevision premiere of Sing on January 28 at 9 PM on Sony PIX.

Q: In SING you play the main character Buster Moon, who came up with the idea to organise a singing contest. What do you like about him?
I like his optimism even though it can be borderline delusional, and how much he proves you can actually get done by just willing something along. He is a guy, or better said a koala, who has to blow through his obstacles. Buster will do anything to make sure the show goes on. That was my favorite aspect about him.

Q: It’s interesting to see those flashbacks of Buster’s early life, when we understand where his passion for the theatre and entertainment takes off.
Those images set up his lineage early on. Then when we jump forward a couple of decades, we see how his father and that lineage come forward to motivate him and give him the courage to do things, which at the same time leads to his heartbreak when things fail.

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